The Writing’s on the Wall

Blog / Friday, March 9th, 2018

You know what’s funny? Ancient humans wrote on cave walls to depict tales of battle or ancestry, something sacred to their culture, something they wanted to document.

I’m in a study room right now and someone wrote “Pussy Ass Bitch,” all underlined, on the wall.

Where did this change come from? Certainly, we don’t hold walls as sacred as they once were. Lord knows we build more of them every day. Walls lose rarity, something that makes writing on them more sacred.

Or maybe the ancient humans wrote their own version of “Pussy Ass Bitch” on their walls, something light and stupid to take their minds off the daily grind they were born into. Something to look at an say, “heh, gets me every time.”

It’s interesting that we kept this habit, though, that the urge to graffiti a wall still strikes us thousands of years later. Maybe it’s a primal pleasure. Maybe we evolved to be assholes. Still, as long as there are walls on this green earth, there will be words on them. The words may vary, but I’m sure, in every century, there is a wall that has the equivalent of “Pussy Ass Bitch,” written on it, a symbol of inanity, the signifier of humanity.

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