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It’s called “The Freakologist.” I undercover weird sustainability innovations, like Pleistocene rewinding, human composting, plastic roads, people eating bugs, and so on. Check it out!

Oxford, Oxfordshire, England


I’m in bed. The mattress presses semi-rigidly against my back. Perfectly warmed wrapped around me. Only my head pokes out. I don’t dare to open my eyes. The sun rises early in England. Since I was there from March to June, I learned exactly how the sky slowly brightens at 5am, and just how sensitive […]

A Toast To Guy the Gorilla


As I tread across London in the few days before my study abroad term, I decided to hop into the Natural History Museum. It was like any free and amazing Museum: full of people, full of really cool things. I walked past glass cases, side-stepping strollers and people taking photos. Dinosaur bones glinted in the […]

Update (March 2018)


I will be in the UK for the next few months as I study abroad in Oxford. Because of the massive courseload, blog updates may be few and far in between. I apologize for that, but I will try to post as much as I can when I can! Thank you for your time. And, […]

The Writing’s on the Wall


You know what’s funny? Ancient humans wrote on cave walls to depict tales of battle or ancestry, something sacred to their culture, something they wanted to document. I’m in a study room right now and someone wrote “Pussy Ass Bitch,” all underlined, on the wall. Where did this change come from? Certainly, we don’t hold […]

Fruit: The Sugary Nightmare


I was in class, casually writing an email as my friend plopped down next to me. She always sat next to me, but she didn’t always carry around a bunch of bananas with her. “They were free in the Ecology building,” she said, whipping out her computer and notebook. “Leftovers from a symposium or something.” […]

Creativity is Never Convenient


My metaphors edge on ridiculous. But hey, ridiculousness lends itself to accuracy. What’s my metaphor for creativity? Bug catching. I imagine my mind is a green park surrounded by tall trees. As I walk through the park, going about my day, butterflies patter beautifully and wholly arresting through the air. I stop and stare at […]

Through Bamboo


(A short story I wrote while waiting in my car, the windows half rolled down, in a fenced-in university parking lot. Intermittently, students walked past the rows of cars, mine inconspicuous in the mix, as they made their way to a 6-foot tall hole in the fence and climbed through.) I’m on a balcony. Not a […]

With Climate Change, Reconsider Having Kids


With college being a time to think about future careers, many students may decide to have children after settling into a comfortable job and lifestyle. However, climate change is sure to affect every person on this earth. Increased global temperatures, decreased natural resources, less nutritious food, water scarcity just names a few ills imminent in […]

The Case for Deep Ecology


In the interim period before I ship out to Oxford, I decided to audit classes that interested me at the University of Georgia. Environmental Sociology is one of these classes, and it is rocking my world. I won’t get into all the things I’ve learned, but I’ll advocate for one topic that stuck out to […]