I made another podcast!

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I made another podcast about the lovely world of human composting (as in composting human bodies in addition to your banana peels). Please give it a listen if you’re so inclined. It took a lot of work to make!

I Made a Podcast!

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It’s called “The Freakologist.” I undercover weird sustainability innovations, like Pleistocene rewinding, human composting, plastic roads, people eating bugs, and so on. Check it out!

I’m a Rapper? Poet?

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Hi folks, quick update. I wrote a rap/spoken word piece awhile back about climate change, and was prompted to make it an actual entity from a communicating science competition my university was doing. So, here’s that video. (Click title to expand)

Opinion Post: Save the EPA

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The usual connotations for the beloved Environmental Protection Agency is typically geared towards exactly what it sounds like: the environment. One might think of the Clean Air and Water Act of 1972 or the immense amount of research towards understanding and treating climate change. But that’s not the only thing the EPA does. It protects […]

I Sink, Therefore I Am

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It was noon, maybe. She didn’t know, couldn’t see anything except the dark interior of the plane, the streams of light spilling out from under the cracks of the window. So noon, maybe. But that didn’t matter, because the plane was going to plummet into the ocean. Quinn sat lazily on the couch, sipping a […]