Impossible List

For those who might not be aware, an Impossible List is the older cousin to the To-Do List, except the former is the one that all the relatives talk about at family reunions.

“Oh my gawd, Impossible List just finished a novel? Good fuh them!”

“Yeh, now they’re gunna try to make that newfangled copywritin’ thing successful, or whatevuh.”

Meanwhile, To-Do list is elbow deep in a jumbo bag of Doritos, both playing Super Smash Bros and scrolling through twitter with their free hand. Somehow.

In short, an Impossible List is a more actionable version of a To-Do list, often with grander projects in store. It lets you manage short pieces of progress by not only chunking them but having the accountability of other people seeing your progress (such as passersby on a blog. I’m looking at you guys!)

So I’m implementing an Impossible List on my blog. Why? Because I’m tired of being elbow deep in the metaphorical Doritos bag, scrolling through life. I’m tired of stagnancy. I want to do something I’m proud of.

Here we go.




  • Book
    • Write an outline
    • Write one chapter
    • Write three chapters
    • Write ten chapters
    • Write a total of 50,000 words (prose, not supplementary writing)
    • Finish the first draft
    • Finish one-half of a second draft.
    • Finish the second draft.
    • (Write however many subsequent drafts as needed)
    • Send manuscript to a major publishing house.
    • Publish a book


  • Short Story Collection
    • Write one publishable short story
    • Write three publishable short stories
    • Five
    • Seven
    • Ten
    • Thirteen
    • Fifteen
    • Seventeen
    • Twenty
    • Curate collection of short stories
    • Submit the collection of short stories for publication.


  • Personal Copywriting
    • Set up a separate blog for my own copywriting
    • Publish one article
    • Publish five articles
    • Publish ten articles
    • Publish fifteen articles
    • Publish twenty articles
    • Publish twenty-five articles
    • Publish thirty articles
    • Publish thirty-five articles
    • Publish forty articles
    • Publish forty-five articles
    • Publish fifty articles